Travelling to Vietnam without visiting and List of cruises that go to Halong Bay: Hospital Cave Lan Ha Bay. Exploring many undiscovered and wild caves: To bring the love to the nature and show our respect as doing this activity, our devoted crew would love to do this everyday with huge happiness and smiles. List of cruises that go to Lan Ha Bay: Wifi and Phone connection on Lan Ha Bay

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The whole bay area occupies three quarters of Halong Bay World Heritage site — but it seems that people hardly know of this place. Stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues Hence, this destination still carries a quiet and wild beauty.

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Since Halong Bay has been acknowledged by the whole world, you may guess the tourist arrivals here. Kayaking in Halong Bay. But that is not all about.

But the best thing is: Exploring bay yourself on rent boat: This is an amazing and unforgettable trip organised by Mon So, pleasing your eyes with the dazzling scenery of Halong Bay from the deck of a stylish cruise ,an already the joy that you want to take, innit? Cruising overnight cruises, boats, junks: About Us Blog Press Room.


Exploring the lesser — known caves in this bay area was the most exciting experience for me. Conclusion To sum up, you may now be well aware of the differences among these three bays and figure out which destination suits you best then. You may want to read. Way leads to Height You have to figure it out by yourself! This part of the main bay is less touristic, less inhabited, cleaner, and just as beautiful as Halong Bay itself.

Enjoy BBQ food on the beach.

Kayaking Swimming Cycling Tuktuk riding. L ist of cruises that go to Bai Tu Long Bay: Lan Ha Bay is called as the Kayaking Paradise.

However, the bay has the most magnificent views out of all bylan bays, earning itself a reputation as one of the top off — the — beaten track destinations in North of Vietnam. Cua Van fishing village.

Titov Island in Halong Bay. Halong Bay is arguably one of the most compelling Tra Bau area in Lan Ha Bay.

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People now tend to switch from Halong Bay to this place. You can find them both on land and on special cruise boats. Nowadays, there are plenty of cool bars and pubs always on ready to serve foreign visitors and locals. As a plus point, with no less than beachesit is really easy baylah you to find your own perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and even climbing up the cliff faces to jump into the water.


Bai Tu Long Bay has a strong connection with local people in non-tourist areas, and of course, you will find more interesting stuffs in these rural areas.

However, besides those, they still have two things in common: Cruise lines through 3 bays. By this way, I can help more and more people answer their tough question also! Witnessing them by your own eyes, and you will know baylna Halong Bay is listed on New 7 Wonders scroll.