On the back-end he was able to re-connect Pandora for direct access via C4 without having to go through Sonos 2 apps to make it work. You don’t want to use Line In for TV. That even means they have a right to be upset regardless if it is the API at fault or the implementation. Recently I switched to a dedicated sonos per floor of the house. I must say I resonate with the above. Now, the new driver.

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Oh and by the way, you most certainly called for Sonos to allow you to add newer model Sonos units to a system with a years old software version. Log in or sign up in seconds.

They have to make progress and that might cause other integrations to fail as a consequence. Thanks for the clarification. Still trying to understand why Control4 endorsed this driver if it is so much worse than the previous one from Extra Vegetables?

“Endorsed” Control4 Drivers | Sonos Community

I must say I resonate with the above. As a Control4 Dealer who has for years avoided using Sonos like the plague because of the shockingly low dealer discount and the hoops we have to jump spnos to even be allowed to get the minuscule discount on the product Saying this Conhrol4 installed it in my own house 4yrs and love the way it works because the wife and kids can work it!

Maybe I need to attack it a different way and use a source-sensing amp to turn on the Control4 room and switch to Sonos as an input like from a regular connect rather than making it the amp. Since then it’s been essentially downgraded to point where it’s almost the same as ‘airplay’ in that you just select sonox source, and then need to use the ‘original remote’ in this case app to control the source.


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sonox I would rather a product fully develop and de-bug a solution, than be the “first” to release something and innudate the end user with endless updates and bugs. Share Tweet Share 1 Share whatsapp. Yet you give NONE of the features that would make it an integrated product, nor do you make it actually work. At this time, It’s not snos to change to Sonos devices assuming you want to keep things in C4 because of that. OK understood, thanks for the prompt reply.

Control4 Integration with Sonos 7.0

Share Tweet Share 1 Share whatsapp. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some users of both Control4 and Sonos. This is something which is keeping me from buying heos products.

Apple Books Audiobooks icon 1 hour ago. It continues to work just fine in old installations that have not upgraded.

I understand this channel sonoe their main focus now, it was a huge part in the early days, but Sknos just don’t understand the lack of attention as a small investment in this area would have huge returns for Sonos. As far as I know, there were two integrations. Though you could digitize a Control4 output into Sonos, it would be a two step process to select the music in Control4, then set the Sonos to Auto Play, and then open the Sonos App to group other Sonos Zones with the original Sonos zone.

If you haven’t purchased Sonos yet my advice would be don’t bother.


Control4 Integration with Sonos | Sonos Community

So in a nutshell it is not a matter of people being upset that the old driver was somehow broken, because in most situations it continues to work just fine, but rather that the new driver, the only one currently available, has to have so much less functionality, the reason for which has not been explained well enough to satisfy these unhappy customers. I also like that the Sonos amps have a subwoofer pre-out.

Since the update only Sonos Favorites can be selected from 3rd party control systems such as Control4 and Savant. Sign In Sign Up. Or get a triad one per zone. The good thing is she understands tech and knows that we have been screwed over by the corporate machine but what could have been a influencer for this brand will be the opposite now!

Hi JohnCAndrew, Thanks for the post and your feedback. Sign In Sign Up. Help others find useful posts by selecting the best answer to your question. There are quite a few of us who read these boards daily, and when someone posts essentially the same thing in multiple places, it begins to feel a bit tiresome. According to my dealer, he just needed to re-connect or re-add Pandora to Control4.

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First, the GUI has gotten slower, and slower, and slower.