My needs however were simple. BuildNumber ; break ; case BuildStatus. Choose the USB cable length; either 2 or 5 meter. A positive sample time indicates that the block is a discrete time block with the given sample time. AppSettings [ “TfsProject” ]. BuildNumber ; break ; default: This count is output from the switch output when a switch is selected.

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Whether rising or falling edges are detected is selected by the Switch parameter. A positive sample time indicates indicatoe the block is a discrete time block with the given sample time. The Delcom Visual Indicator block can count the number of times a rising or falling edge has occurred on the switch since the last time the block was invoked, even between sampling instants.

Genuine Delcom 904007-s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator

The resolution of the flash on and off times, as well as the flash phase delays, is determined at model start in order to provide the best accuracy possible for the requested times. I also wanted to be able to indicztor the light flash while a build was running and continue to show the colour of the previous build result. They no longer need to even exist on the same computer. Working this way also provided full visibility into what settings were being sent to the light.


It is also possible to synchronize the flashing of the LEDs at any time. The work I needed to do involved automating the interaction with the UI, a task I was already familiar with and to do it within the application itself, a breeze.

After using this to store some configuration information for some tests to great success I thought about using Redis to provide an interface into the inner workings of my build light. This value is only used when the buzzer is triggered.

This time I approached it with a far more pragmatic mindset and just wanted to get something working. Submit feedback to Quanser about this page. It requires Node 4. The fundamental sampling time of the model is the sampling time entered in the Fixed step size field of the Solver pane of the Configuration parameters.

Support on all major OS systems. There are three wire exit styles they are: BuildNumber ; break ; case BuildStatus. LEDs produce light in three of four colors; red, green, yellow, blue and white.

Flash off time tunable offline. The side entry is best suited for mounting the device on a surface. The buzzer is stopped on a rising edge at this input.

Genuine Delcom s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator | eBay

This output is only present when an option other than No switch has been selected. This parameter is used determine the number of colours supported by the device and the names of the colours.


Buzzer repeat count tunable offline. Use this option to read the switch. If this value is zero then the buzzer is turned off. The intensity of the red LED as a inricator between A sample time of -1 indicates that the block inherits its sample time from the input.

AppSettings [ “RedisHost” ], int. This is what the light can do: The switch can be read via software and be programmed to send events.

However, there is no benefit in doing so because the LEDs are always synchronized at model start. If the current limit is exceeded then the device indlcator automatically turn off and the Delcom Indiator Indicator block will return an error that the device is not connected the next time it attempts to communicate with the device.

The block inherits the sample time by default.

The buzzer is triggered whenever this input changes.