Local call Call Hinge – Female half of hinge on chassis – For lift-up window. However, non-HP manufacturers and suppliers may provide warranties directly to you. Color HP special Inkjet paper. Media handling The printers handle media that does not exceed the following maximum and minimum:.

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Desiynjet Coated Paper 90gsm – 24″ x For optimal print quality and media handling: Film – Polyester matte film – B size 11 x inches – 40 sheets. Sensor – Media sensor assembly – Includes cable.

Graphic languages The printer accepts drawing data from CAD and other software programs supporting the following languages:. I’m happy with that. Normal 17 mm 0. Bushing – Rear slider rod bushing Spring loaded – Slides into the rear center of the carriage assembly.

Strip – Encoder strip assembly D-size – Includes encoder strip and encoder strip spring. Holder – Holder – For ‘Help’ card and hand held cutter. Cross Brace – Cross-brace – Brace that connects and supports the two stand legs.

HP Designjet 650c Control Panel Assembly C2858-60057

Pulley – Reduction pulley – Includes 2 Bearings, Shaft 0. Cover – Rollfeed access cover – Opens forward to allow access to paper spindle assembly – Includes cover and springs. Wedge – Tensioning wedge cam tensioner – For the pen carriage drive belt pulley. Handle – Pinchwheel manual lift handle – Paper loading lever.


Bracket – Y-tensioner bracket on left side plate. To print the configuration plot Make sure media is loaded. HP Matte Film gsm – 24″ x Color HP special Inkjet paper. Cable – Ribbon cable – 5-pin F connector to 5-pin F connector – Cover – Left end cover assembly – For end of upper stand Chassis. Lubricant – Special lubricating oil – For carriage slider rod surface – syringe with 35cc oil.

Designjet C 24″ A1 Printer

Insulator – Power supply insulator Top – Installed over the power supply. My Cart There are deisgnjet products in your shopping cart. Pulley – Idler drive pulley – Applies tension to the pen carriage drive belt small belt. Media Bin – Media bin front – Main part of wire rack below plotter.

D-size, body only shipping weight. Cam – Bail lift cam – Activates the bail lift lever part of the bail lift mechanism kit. However, non-HP manufacturers and suppliers may provide warranties directly to you.


If this product was purchased as part of an HP system in a coordinated shipment or as a system add-on, it is warranted against defects in material and workmanship during the same period as the HP system.

Kit – Hardware kit – Package of 6 screws for stand assembly. Switch – Power switch assembly – Includes cable.

HP Designjet 650c Plotter Primer Assembly C2858-40010

Resolution Colour Print CAD Paper 90gsm – designejt x 50m x 4rl mm x 50m – Good dot gain control giving fine line sharpness for small area fills. The count is displayed in reverse order and must be reversed when determining the number of plots. Storage Printer and media. Final and Draft modes: Manual – DesignJet C service manual English.