Sprint has plenty of guides in the retail box. Our Touch Pro had weak WiFi reception, so in its case we’d definitely go with the data plan anyhow. Step inside one of the biggest datacentres in Europe: Telstra has opened its Customer Insights Centre CIC in Sydney for enterprise and business clients, with the high-tech 3, square metre facility boasting a person auditorium, Our gripes were that the keys were a little too flush with the case, but it seems as if that has been cleared up now. Instead of the numbers being at the top row of the device they are placed in a standard number pad format over the keys.

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Most applications look mdoem in this resolution, and hey, even Skyfire works! In fact, if you’re not very familiar with Windows Mobile Professional or haven’t played with other TouchFLO 3D phones offered by other carriers since this is Verizon’s only modelthen you might not even know how to turn on this feature. The volume buttons are quite flush on the left side.

Modem/dial-up not working using ATT Fuze and… | HTC Raphael: Touch Pro, Fuze

To get it to work like a scroll wheel, you have to hit up XDA and get your freak on. There’s an SDHC microSD card slot on the phone’s side under the battery cover no need to remove the battery to access the card and it worked well with our 4 and 8 gig SDHC high capacity cards.

TouchFLO 3D is a hgc to use. Image quality is very good, and the LED flash helps just a bit in low light situations. I actually use the touch diamond and love it. The stylus is magnetic and is securely held in the device.


Image Gallery: Sprint Touch Pro and AT&T Fuze Windows Mobile devices 2 – Page 2 | ZDNet

Can you actually load a movie site and watch a streaming flash trailer or streaming music? Although I appreciate the review, one of the biggest questions with these two phones wasnt even touched on. The only thing the iphone wins?? There aren’t many other salient differences between the units beyond carrier software customizations. Call quality is good, though reception is a little weak, and with 3rd party application add-ons, the phone can crank up the multimedia a notch or two.

The Verizon version pulses first the call send and end buttons green, redthen the d-pad ring and finally the white home and back buttons. CIF xxx 96 resolutions for video.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new nodem. The triangle front navigation keys, the sexy-crafted angled aluminum keyboard, and the very sleek polished aluminum bezel around the handset. The HTC Fuze comes with several needed accessories, but is missing a stereo headset.

Why do you think it took us so long to write this review? M2M no longer a pipe dream Innovations in mobile tech has opened new opportunities in the machine-to-machine industry, with providers offering SIM and fleet management services to smart meters and CCTVs.


Sony XPERIA X1a vs. AT&T HTC Fuze: Windoze Mobile gets exciting

This shows the keys on the right side of the keyboard. As with most other HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro phones, at the default setting, images are over-sharpened, which is sometimes pleasing but at other times not so nice. You can find many of the standard utilities from Windows Mobile in this tools folder. Odd keyboard layout and keys are low-travel.

I was able to connect to internet through bluetooth by using the following settings. But the more we use it and evaluate it, the more we think its target market shrinks. The phone’s screen turns off a few seconds into a call to avoid accidental screen presses, so you’ll need to press the power button to turn the display on as needed.

The X1 however, is one of those devices that keeps you enamored for years. The keys are fairly well designed with good feedback and size. The hardware is fantastic, but it’s really the software that sets the Galaxy Note II apart from the pack.

Go ahead and do a soft reset and open up the internet sharing app.

Wi-Fi just plain sucks on the X1. November 17, — Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Among the bundled software is another one of my favorites: