Click here to join today! What’s the stepping of your ? This site is completely free — paid for by advertisers and donations. It only seems to happen when I try using windows dialer to connect to the internet. I was using 2. Anyone have resume issues? Tried powercycling the enclosure.

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Finally, I woudn’t rule out a bad update to the display drivers. I was quite happy with it until I loaded up UT and began playing. P5K, e When i try to open it it just flashes up and then goes in a second, i know others have had this prob but unless i missed somethng no one has found the answer, well if you type control ncpa.

Thanks You will have a chance to answer you mz4210 questions once you get your Q I guess. Really great thread–lot’s of great info on settings. I’ve tried lots of different voltage combinations but nothing seems to help. Presume that is for people with chilled cooling to make use of it.

Mine is running low 40s idle and 60 under load. I just raised my pll voltage to 1. I booted straight up on delivery BIOS with x9 on 1.


Essentially whenever I memored the mouse to intitate a dialup connection MS dialer it caused a screen freeze. My initial views after some quick settings are that it will go 3. From reading this thread it appears is a better BIOS? But here is the reason of this post: Using the G0 processor the system boots up just fine and posts, m4210 you can get into the bios to make adjustments, and you can also flash the bios. I usually can’t download something over 1gb without some sort of time out rror.

Does the board run well with 8GBy in 4 sticks according to peoples’ experiences?

Memorex Model MX Optical Mouse | Tech Support Guy

All test were done with 5. I know it is spinning since I’ve seen menorex that, but the absent or incorrect monitoring of that fan port seems like a potential other BIOS bug to me so far. We shall see – just as long as I dont use Asus update -lol! A bit of a hassle but is a bearable workaround. I don’t have Internet Explorer 7 Beta.

First, I would like to say thanks to Eva and all the gurus here for this complete thread.


I tested with three mice: Is this P5K board hotter than usual? My TRU-X’s fans are plugged into a couple of the chassis fan connectors. I then tried doing the same thing but with my modem HSP micro and it seems to fix the problem at least until I reboot then it’s back to square one. I don’t know if there’s ever a totally consistent solution.

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I know Memorsx wont turn any heads here, but it’s the highest I’ve ever gone. They are good for 3,3,3,9 DDR and will go upto Mhz. For those running Vista x64 this is a link to a great guide which will let you tune it http: Other sites are OK. I won’t be using this HSF. If you change the Item drop-down to Tooltip, is there anything strange there?

I’m only hoping to get in the BIOS to flash.